Why Won't My Toilet Flush?

Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

If your toilet is problematic, try the below solutions before giving us a call!

The toilet refuses to flush after you push the lever. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Can it be prevented? Let's take a look at some causes.

I flush the toilet but my bowl doesn't drain

In the event that you flush the toilet and nothing seems to be wrong, but water does not drain from the bowl and instead fills until it is nearly overflowing, you probably have a clog in your toilet's drain line. When waste, toilet paper, hygiene products, and other disposables are flushed down the toilet, this usually occurs. You should always remember that just because something is out of sight, it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be in your plumbing. If enough builds up, the toilet won't be able to drain, leaving you with a nasty mess.

A plunger can solve this problem. If you're using a plunger, ensure the hole at the bottom of your bowl is sealed off as much as possible, push down so the suction cup compresses, and then quickly lift upward. In the process of creating a vacuum, reverse pressure is created in your plumbing line, which can force the clog loose, where the pressure of the water behind it can then remove it.

The lever doesn't flush the toilet

A handle that feels light when you push on it and nothing happens is one of two things:

  1. Nothing has been added to the bowl since it was empty
  2. The flapper is no longer attached to the handle

Once you remove the lid from your toilet tank, you will probably be able to identify which one is the problem. If the bowl is empty after flushing, either the water tap, or the fill valve, has been turned off, or it has been jammed shut, preventing it from refilling. You can find out what the issue is by jiggling the float or ball valve.

How do toilet flappers work?

Flappers are small pieces of rubber that separate the tank from the bowl below, allowing water to rush down the tank drain and into the bowl when you raise the handle. A string or a thin metal chain is usually used to connect the handle and flapper. The two can sometimes come untied or disconnected, which can be fixed by reconnecting them. The flapper may need to be replaced if the string or chain breaks. Taking about five minutes and requiring no special tools, this task is very simple. A new flapper is about five dollars at your local hardware store.

The flapper can also alert you to a larger issue: poor water quality. If the rubber stopper leaves a black residue on your hand after touching it, this indicates that your water contains a lot of chlorine, which causes it to deteriorate. It's an indication that you could face other plumbing problems in the future if it happens again. It is highly recommended that you contact us to discuss your water quality concerns.

If you've tried the above solutions and are still having problems flushing your toilet in Los Angeles, give us a call at 310-620-1730 Today!


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