Why Is My Toilet Leaking Water?

Why Is My Toilet Leaking Water?

Is Your Toilet Leaking Uncontrollably? Here's What May Be to Blame.

Is your toilet giving you problems? Does it leak a lot? Does it cause messes that are nasty and messy? Let our Los Angeles plumbers at Rooter Solutions help you to find out why your toilet is leaking. 

Why Your Toilet May Be Leaking

Faulty Supply Line: Damaged supply lines can cause major problems for toilets. It is common for water to leak from joints in a supply line when they become dislodged and break down. In a supply line, the rubber lining can also leak after years of use.

Do You Have a Cracked Tank?

Toilet tanks that crack often leak continuously when hit hard enough. It may be hard to notice small cracks leaking water as the valve continues to refill water.

Is Your Flapper Stuck?

If your flush handle gets stuck, a stuck flapper can cause major leaks. If you do this, the fill valve will continue to supply water to the tank even after flushing has been completed, causing overflow and leakage.

Is Your Flapper Worn & Torn?

It can be difficult to detect leaks underneath worn-out flappers. Your flapper will warp over time as minerals build up on it. Despite the difficulty of replacing this part, it is a good idea to periodically check if your flapper is still in good condition, since the more damaged this part is, the more likely you are to encounter serious leaks.

Is Your Fill Valve Worn Out?

Filter valves also become worn over time due to mineral deposits. The fill valve can become warped if enough water builds up to cause it to stop working properly, resulting in leaks.

Has Your Float Been Broken or Moved?

It is the hollow ball that rests on top of the water in your toilet tank when it is broken or dislodged. Cracks or improper alignment can cause the fill valve to run, resulting in leaks.

Are There Defects With Your Rubber Lining?

As the rubber linings in your toilet break down, they may leak and loosen connections. Rubber linings and other toilet connections should be checked periodically to prevent toilet leaks.

It may be time to call a professional plumber if you've checked all these possible reasons and you're still experiencing toilet leaks. At Rooter Solutions, our total-satisfaction guarantee makes us the best deal in town. See what the Rooter Solutions difference is by calling now for same-day or emergency service.

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