Water Filtration & Conditioning

Water Filtration and Conditioning in Los Angeles

Water is an essential part of our daily lives. We use it to cook, bathe, wash dishes, drink, and wash clothes. It is essential to have the best quality water in your Los Angeles home. While city water supplies are treated, the water delivered to your home is not the highest quality. However, it could be with a water filtration and water conditioning system in Los Angeles.

We understand the importance of having the highest quality water in your home. At Rooter Solutions Los Angeles, we are one of the city’s leading water filtration and conditioning system providers to help homeowners get the best quality water possible at affordable rates. 

We are pleased to offer our customers reliable whole-house water filtration and water conditioning systems in Los Angeles, as well as single outlet water filtration and water conditioning systems.

Why Does Water Quality Matter?

The quality of water coming into your Los Angeles home has impacts everywhere. These impacts will vary depending on what is in your water. Some of the more common things found in water and their effects include:

  • Bacteria – When water contains bacteria, certain types of bacteria can make you sick.
  • Minerals – When water contains minerals, it is not good for the home’s plumbing lines. The minerals can start to build up inside pipes, faucets, and fixtures, causing them to fail faster.
  • Chlorine – City treatment plants add chlorine to the water in an attempt to kill bacteria. However, it can leave a horrible aftertaste in tap water.
  • Calcium – All water is hard water before it is treated. Hard water contains calcium. If all the calcium is not removed, it can leave white water spots on dishes. It also requires using more dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, and other cleaning products to get the desired results.

Water Filtration and Conditioning Systems from Rooter Solutions

Rooter Solutions is relied upon for water filtration in Los Angeles, where homeowners can be assured of a clean, safe water supply. If you continuously stock up on bottled water just to avoid heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants, we have just the solution.

Introducing HALO Water Systems—advanced water filtration and water conditioning systems that can save you money in the long term and provide highly filtered, alkaline water. HALO’s water treatment systems can remove everything from chlorine, hard minerals, and heavy metals to pesticides, bacteria, and viruses that may be in drinking water. Common substances in water can create unwanted odors and stains, not to mention pose a risk to your health.

All this can be avoided thanks to HALO’s wide range of filtration technologies. We can install a water filtration system in Los Angeles that uses carbon, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, UV sterilization, scale inhibitor, and other technologies to provide a constant supply of purified water. This filtered, conditioned water is healthy to drink, cook with, and bathe in.

A Solution Tailored for Your Home

A wide range of systems is available. This ensures we can find just the right one for your home. These include two basic types of systems: whole house water filters installed where the plumbing enters your home, so clean water is available for every faucet, showerhead, and appliance; and faucet and under counter filters that serve a single faucet and efficiently capture sediments, chemicals, and pathogens.

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Install a Top-of-the-Line Water Conditioning System

Not all homeowners understand the importance of water conditioning. Tap water is often not pH balanced, which can be corrosive to home piping. It often has minerals that build up in pipes and eventually clog them up. These minerals also collect on dishes when you wash them, causing hard-to-remove stains. Some minerals can even interfere with how soap and detergent work, so dishes and laundry don’t get as clean as you’d like.

With reverse osmosis, potassium and heavy metals can be removed, as can salts that affect the quality of your home water supply. Chlorine and other disinfectants are often added to water at treatment facilities, but unfortunately leave water smelling and tasting bad. The HALO solutions we offer in Los Angeles eliminate these problems so your utility water supply can safely serve all your needs.

Let Rooter Solutions Los Angeles Test Your Water Today

As an experienced and trusted local plumber, we take water quality awareness seriously. A fast, accurate water test is provided with every service call, right at your kitchen sink, at no extra cost! The video below provides more insights into HALO Water Systems, the top water filtration and conditioning brand in the nation.

To receive your complimentary water quality test and learn more about the benefits of installing a water conditioning and water filtration system in Los Angeles, call us at (310) 620-1730 today! We are committed to helping protect families, homes, and the planet.

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