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Don’t settle for pipes that leak and rust—call the plumber you can trust! Low water pressure, leaking pipes, and rusty water could mean that it’s time for a home repiping. But when should you repipe instead of repair? And what about the cost? 

The Los Angeles repiping specialists at Rooter Solutions are here to help. No matter your project or budget, we’ll help you find the repiping solutions and financing options that best fit your needs.

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Signs You Should Repipe

Brown water? Low pressure? Both? You could need a repipe. Rust is the major cause of damage in most homes with galvanized metal pipes. If your pipes are rusting, then you may notice:

  • Brown, rusty water
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaking pipes
  • Stained laundry
  • Faulty valves and sudden temperature changes

As rust builds up inside the pipe, it can leech into the water and weaken the pipes themselves. In advanced stages, rust causes small leaks which lower your water pressure and damage the surrounding area. These signs could indicate years of rust buildup.

Since rust usually starts on the inside of the pipe, it’s difficult to notice just by looking at the pipes themselves. In many cases, rust builds up for years before causing noticeable problems; as a result, noticing these signs often means you could be years overdue for a repipe!

Repipe or Repair?

Home repiping can be a big job—when is a simple repair enough? Repiping is only necessary when your entire plumbing system is beyond repair. However, even small damages can display the same signs as large-scale rust; for example, both loose fittings and heavily rusted pipes cause leaks.

As a result, hiring the right plumber in Los Angeles is crucial for knowing how much needs to be done. An honest plumber won’t try talking you into a repipe when a leak is caused by a small problem that’s easy to fix.

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Our Repiping Solutions and Special Financing

Honest service from The Honest Plumber.

At Rooter Solutions, The Honest Plumber, we’re dedicated to providing you with a complete and honest repiping service. We’ll work with you to assess your current plumbing and come up with a cost-effective repiping solution.

Don’t let the cost of repiping a house intimidate you.

We’ll be honest with you: Repiping is a big job, and big jobs aren’t always cheap. However, repiping is usually the only option once your plumbing system is damaged or rusted beyond repair.

If you need repiping, don’t worry! We offer 24-month, no-interest financing based on your credit. To learn more about our financing and repiping services, call our team of licensed repipe specialists at (310) 620-1730.

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