Commercial Pipe Repair & Replacement

Los Angeles Commercial Pipe Repair & Installation

Plumbing systems are crucial for the daily operations of commercial facilities. 

Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, entertainment centers, office buildings, and multi-unit apartment complexes rely on running water, toilets, dishwashers, and wastewater removal. 

Wear and tear and sudden damage to water pipes can bring business to a grinding halt. But you can rely on our professional plumbers for affordable commercial pipe replacement and pipe repair in Los Angeles.

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Signs Your Facility Needs Commercial Pipe Repair

At Rooter Solutions Los Angeles, our commercial plumbers are trained and experienced in fixing any problem. Contact us immediately if any of the following occur:

Grease Blockages

You may pour hundreds of gallons of grease down drains without even thinking about it. But grease cools and hardens quickly, often before it has a chance to clear your plumbing system, accumulating on pipe walls over time until there’s no path for water to flow. To make matters worse, the commercial chemicals often used to clear pipes cause more harm than good.

Corroded Pipe

Plumbing pipes can develop corrosion or start to erode for many reasons. The water may be acidic, oxygenated, or filled with mineral deposits, while persistently high water temperatures can cause problems as well. Once pipe materials are worn by erosion, soil, dirt, and tree roots can more easily infiltrate, ultimately leading to pipe failure. The most at risk are galvanized steel/cast-iron pipe installed in the 1970s and earlier.

Tree Roots

Roots are one of the most common causes of plumbing blockages. Tree roots are naturally attracted to the moisture and nutrients found in underground pipes. They can grow in through the tiniest cracks, especially if a pipe is made of porous material such as clay or cast iron, and completely clog up pipe interiors.

Shifts in Ground Soil

Soil can shift due to climate variability. From prolonged droughts to periods of heavy rain, dramatic changes in weather can cause soil to put enormous pressure on pipes. This can crack, dislocate, and destroy them. Shrinking, expanding, or moving soil can cause a plumbing line to completely collapse. This has unfortunately become a way of life in Southern California as conditions are constantly changing.

Rain Storms

Heavy rain and melting snow can overwhelm commercial pipe systems. High water volumes and pressures may then cause major damage—quickly. The problem is amplified especially in systems where the sump pump is directly connected to the sewer line.

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Call Today for Broken Pipe Repair in Los Angeles

If you have low water pressure, dirty water, sewage backups, and other signs of pipe trouble, call Rooter Solutions Los Angeles immediately. We employ licensed plumbing technicians who can troubleshoot problems and provide fast, permanent commercial pipe repair.

Our team employs video camera inspection to precisely identify water/sewer line issues and hydro-jetting to quickly and safely clean drains and pipes with high-pressure streams of water. Non-invasive commercial pipe replacement techniques, such as trenchless pipe repair, are available as well.

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